Mission Statement

To provide a personalized, caring and respectable healthcare environment that is patient and family oriented for disease prevention, community centered health restoration, maintenance and education that reflect our lifetime commitment to excellence in service practice and leadership for the community we serve.

Our Philosophy

Apex Home Health Care Services adheres to the belief that life is sacred from conception to death; the delivery of home care should be made in a loving, compassionate and professional manner; that Apex Home Health Care Services can help patients obtain wholeness, healing, reconciliation and unity not only through medication and treatment, but also by fostering love and peace; that Apex Home Health Care Services workers should respect every person, regardless of sex, age, race, creed or religion and ensure the fair, just and equitable treatment of personnel and staff, and that the ideal home health agency should make every effort to reach out to members of community in an effort to better serve its home health care needs.

What is Home Health Care?


Home health care, simply put, is health care delivered in a patient's home. Home health care services can range from in-home nursing care or rehabilitation following a hospital stay, to ongoing assistance with daily living activities such as shopping, meal preparation or bathing.

Our Team


Our team of health professionals.

Home is Best!


Why Home Care? Because there's no place like home. Most of us would rather recover and be cared for in the comfort of familiar surroundings. Many times home health care is recognized as a valuable alternative to hospitalization or a skilled nursing facility.


"Linda Poulton, PT was my Physical Therapist, and she is very good at making me feel like she cares, and is helping me to improve."

- M.M.

"Excellent care!!!"

- V.

"So grateful we have been blessed to have you in our lives and your tender care and compassion for daddy is treasured. Best of everything to you Helen."

- V.

"All your people were excellent and helpful."

- G.M.

"Vanessa the nurse was very caring & supportive.
Vickie the OT was very helpful and caring.
Tiffany the PT was outstanding in helping me progress. Her positive attitude and caring help me toward my recovery."

- C.B.

"Had a bad lesion, my leg which took a long time to heal, nurse (Vanessa) was very professional & caring and we finally got a complete healing."

- E.H.

"The last nurse that was sent to check on my son was the best very professional, his name is Chris McCoy PT."

- E.Y.

"The girls you have chosen to work in this program are delightful."

- M.K.

"Donald Kuskin, my Physical Therapist was ever and above what I received from the last company I had before."

- E.M.

"I loved everyone, they became special to me, I hated to see them go."

- S.B.

"Ann Miller, the nurse me really love her. She just take care of things right away regarding doctor follow-ups etc. That’s why whenever the doctors tells me I need a home health care agency, I always insist on Apex because of Ann."

- A.M.

"I’m very satisfied with the help I get, everyone is so helpful and nice, thank you."

- V.T.

"I would like to commend my Physical Therapist Donald Kuskin and Nurse, Chris McCoy for the professional manner in which they handled my case.
Their attention and caring attitude was most appreciated. I feel care and their knowledge of my health problems hastened my recovery."

- P.M.

"We are grateful for the amount of time, which Apex provide us help."

- S.F.

"Chris helped me learn about my medicine, when to take them for least side effects. I can sleep better and stay awake more during the day, I’m confident in my ability to stay out of the hospital now. Thanks Chris!!"

- B.I.

"I have really benefitted from the Apex Home Health Nurses, esp. my Psych Nurse Chris McCoy, he was outstanding. He was so smart, gentle, & was most important to me. I have been bipolar for 30 years. I also have had chronic headaches from the age of 10. Now I see Dr. Brian Bond MD."

- S.P.

"Thank you for your services."

- J.H.

"I had home health care last year and Apex was way better than that one. All three of the people who saw me were very well trained."

- R.S.

"Tim Snyder was a good PT.
I learned how to get up from a fall."

- P.J.

"I received excellent home care. The nurse was especially helpful. Occupational Therapist was excellent and professional. Physical Therapist was sometimes logged down with too many patients. He has a hard time with scheduling."

- A.P.

"My care was mainly for physical training."

- D.L.

"My Physical Therapist, Tim Snyder was very good! She gave me the best exercises and good advice. He told me to continue doing them after he was through, so I would be able to maintain my balance!"

- M.M.

"The services and attention which I had received from the physical therapist, Dan Kuskin, has no match. He explained every why to me in a clarity for the applications he did. He followed that with suggestions for me to do which augmented his program. He cares – no short-cuts. He is very patient, extremely intelligent, adheres to his schedule and is prompt."

- J.A.

"I have been very impressed with both Linda and … from your agency."

- B.R.

"My family is happy & thankful for your service for my father."

- J.M.

"I’m happy with the care received."

- J.J.

"Keep up good work."

- T.B.

"All persons who were debuted to me were very hardworking, honest, and well behaved."

- I.B.

"Apex is the best home health service we have had. I asked for them this time – as we had used them before. Their health care providers are very well trained!"

- R.S.